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Its Hunting in Maine!

Its time to stock up on Camo and Blaze Orange hats and new camo balaclavas. 

Start your holiday gift list and share with family and friends. Buy some ID cards for clients as a thank-you for their business. 

Remember, logo items can only be sold to Registered and Master Maine Guides.

Customer comment of the week -

"Sometimes packages get lost. Thanks for replacing mine."
I am often out during the day guiding or teaching, so if you call between 5:00 and 8:30pm I can answer and give you personal service.  207 729 6333
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Sale Items

$6.00 per unit for buying at least 2 Maine Guide License Plate Frame
42 items in stock

Featured Products

$4.95 each Compass for clients
3 items in stock
$12.95 each eDRY Rescue Revive and SAVE! bag
2 items in stock
$1.95 each ID card Common Ferns of the Northeast
8 items in stock
$1.95 each ID Card Leaves of Northeast Trees
8 items in stock
$1.95 each ID Card Winter Twigs of the Northeast
9 items in stock
$18.95 each Maine Guide Mossy Oak Camo Cap
4 items in stock
$89.99 each Maine Guide Rhodium Badge
2 items in stock
$20.95 each Suunto A-30 Guide Compass
3 items in stock
$4.74 each Waterproof Notebook
6 items in stock