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We've got snow, Maine!

Its time to stock up on Reversible Blaze Orange/camo fleece beanies and balaclavas. 

Buy some ID cards for clients to use while you are leading the trip:  tracks, leaves, winter twigs, raptors, ferns, and shells. 

Remember, logo items can only be sold to Registered and Master Maine Guides.

Customer comment of the week -  "I couldn't place my order on my computer, so I called during the evening and placed it."

Alice is out during the day guiding or teaching, so if you call between 5:00 and 8:30pm, she can answer and give you personal service.  207 729 6333
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Sale Items

$6.00 per unit for buying at least 2 Maine Guide License Plate Frame
42 items in stock

Featured Products

$4.95 each Compass for clients
3 items in stock
$12.95 each eDRY Rescue Revive and SAVE! bag
2 items in stock
$1.95 each ID card Common Ferns of the Northeast
8 items in stock
$1.95 each ID Card Leaves of Northeast Trees
7 items in stock
$1.95 each ID Card Winter Twigs of the Northeast
9 items in stock
$18.95 each Maine Guide Mossy Oak Camo Cap
2 items in stock
$89.99 each Maine Guide Rhodium Badge
1 item in stock
$20.95 each Suunto A-30 Guide Compass
3 items in stock
$4.74 each Waterproof Notebook
5 items in stock